Diversity in Dementialand

Often we look at a group of people and think they’re all the same. For instance, I say I’m a college professor and people immediately roll their eyes and tell me how self-centered and immature college students are. They tell me they never put down their phones and are ill-prepared for life after school. Does […]

Coughing in Dementialand

When we bought a new vehicle a while back, it came with a free subscription to Sirius XM radio. Although we were too cheap to pay for a subscription when the free subscription expired, we enjoyed the variety of talk radio it allowed us to access. My favorite was Doctor Radio. After quite a few […]

Babies in Dementialand

If you want to argue with me about religion, I’m likely to tell you that we should agree to disagree. If you don’t like my views on politics, I’ll just walk away. I don’t engage in Facebook arguments. I’ll just unfollow you. But if you want to question my views on doll therapy for those […]