“Acting Out” in Dementialand (And Please Don’t Ever Use the Term “Acting Out” When Talking About People Living with Dementia)

Sarah–not her real name–lives in a nursing home and has Alzheimer’s. As she nears the end stage of the disease, she’s lost the ability to communicate verbally. Sarah has been a favorite of nursing home staff for her kind smile. Once in a while she is teary-eyed for reasons she can’t express, but she generally […]

Being Needed in Dementialand

People need a sense of purpose. They need to be needed. It’s important that we all have a sense that what we do is meaningful and important. You might anticipate that this post is about individuals living with dementia. You might think I’m going to write about how important it is to support them in […]

Change is a Necessary Condition in Dementialand (Or…Some People are Just Really Bad at Stuff)

Dementia is all about change. Accepting change. Adapting to change. And (hopefully…maybe…sometimes) thriving through change. But there has to be change. Or it’s not dementia. Let me tell you why I say this… People often ask me a question that goes something like this: “Does (insert something random) mean you have dementia?” I will give […]