Special Sunday Message From Dementialand

First of all, my apologies to subscribers who just received a blog post draft before it was ready to be posted. WordPress makes it easy to post when you don’t intend to. I’ve done it a handful of times since I started this blog, and I always beat myself up about it unnecessarily for days.

The second purpose of this Sunday afternoon message is to let you know I will be speaking in the Quad Cities on Wednesday, May 3. You can learn more here:


Special thank you to Jerry Schroeder, who always organizes interesting programs for the Alzheimer’s community. He does all the hard work. All I do is show up and talk. And eat the lunch they give me for free. It’s a match made in heaven.

Sometimes when I speak at a conference I get there 15 minutes before my presentation and hustle back to my car when I’m done. I won’t be doing this on Wednesday. I can’t wait to listen to the other speakers, and I’m not sure I could be more excited about the day.

Have an excellent week, friends!

4 thoughts on “Special Sunday Message From Dementialand

    1. Hi! I try to take off the summers to give myself a bit of a break! I read your blog post, and I really appreciate you giving people a picture of how dementia isn’t just about memory. You also make some great points about not knowing what is linked to dementia and what isn’t. (Of course, it doesn’t always matter.) Thanks for using your experiences to educate people!

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