The Prodigal Son in Dementialand

It’s the old story of the prodigal son (or daughter). Mom has dementia, and you have made sacrifices to give her the best quality of life possible. Maybe you are paying out of your own pocket for in-home care. Perhaps you stop by twice a day. You bring over meals. You sit and listen to […]

Patients in Dementialand

Let’s talk about patients. You probably think that’s a typo. I know that it’s not rare to see a typo in my blog. You probably think I meant patience–but I didn’t. I want to talk about dementia “patients.” First, an analogy… My husband, Bill, has had terrible acid reflux since adolescence. He takes medication everyday. […]

Anticipatory Grief in Dementialand

Anticipatory grief. I first learned the term when I was in graduate school. I threw it around a lot when I was volunteering for hospice. Now that I work with families impacted with dementia I apply the term frequently. It could be described as the emotional response to the pending death of a loved one–but […]