Bromances in Dementialand

When Don, who had Alzheimer’s, moved into a nursing home, his family worried about one thing above all others…how he might get along with a roommate. He was known for being cranky, and his crankiness had only increased as his dementia progressed. They didn’t see their dad doing well sharing a room, but they didn’t […]

Podcasts in Dementialand

Happy Monday! Last week I was invited to be on a podcast called Half the Story to talk about Alzheimer’s and other dementias. On the podcast, you’ll hear me discuss: why I hate most hotel carpet, how my friend Drew taught me that dementia care is similar to improv, the important (and rarely discussed) role […]

Diversity in Dementialand

Often we look at a group of people and think they’re all the same. For instance, I say I’m a college professor and people immediately roll their eyes and tell me how self-centered and immature college students are. They tell me they never put down their phones and are ill-prepared for life after school. Does […]